NUGGET’S RAW KOMBUCHA: A new twist on an ancient elixir.


Kombucha has been around for thousands of years, and has a long history of being revered for it’s amazing properties.  While we cannot make specific statements about the properties of NGKB, if you know about Kombucha, then you already know. If not, do a little research of your own, and you may find that it has been known for a staggering array of health benefits from aiding in digestion and metabolism, to cleansing of the liver and kidneys, all the way to healthier skin and hair, and body alkalizing properties.  Kombucha has also been known to contain viable pro-biotic’s, amino and other organic acids, and B-vitamins. Research on it in this country has been very limited, so none of these claims have scientific data backing them, which is why they cannot be presented as statement of fact.  There is however a good amount of information out there that people have been putting together, a good place to start with your own research is

If you are curious about the benefits of drinking Kombucha, try it out for yourself and make your own decision. Drink several ounces a day for a few weeks and just see how you feel, you just might find yourself amazed at your energy levels and overall well-being. Such was born the statement we can make:

Drink Some, Feel the Difference.