Crave that strong ginger bite like we do? This is your drink, no holding back on the fresh pressed ginger in this brew.  Spicy ginger, perfectly balanced with sweet and tart kombucha.


Strong grapefruit notes and floral hoppy aroma balanced, straight forward kombucha, dry hopped with citra and centennial hops.


A crowd pleaser, our sweetest brew.  A fruity, bubbly Kombucha mouth party… Peach juice, Mango puree, Pear Juice and a little hint of ginger to tie it all together.


A whole new world… Similar in body and color to an amber ale, deep complexities from dark roasted coffee beans.


Earthy and sweet, spicy and tangy  Carrot smooths the kombucha tang, Apple sweetness, and a touch of ginger adds just the right spice.


A tart straight up brew, no flavor – just sweet and tangy raw kombucha.

FRESH MINT (Summer Seasonal):

Refreshing and energizing. Spearmint, Peppermint and Chocolate mint 100% grown on site and infused in house for real FRESH taste.

NATIVE ROOTS (Winter Seasonal):

Earthy osha root adds a little bit of savoriness, complemented by bitter burdock root and the classic mineraly-sweet taste of blackstrap molasses.


We  have a new flavor in development right now,  stay tuned to our Facebook page here for updates on it’s profile and release date.