I love the fresh taste of your kombucha! What is the best way to keep the taste so fresh?

We work hard to ensure the freshest product possible. We use only amber colored bottles and growlers, like craft beers the live ingredients are sensitive to light. We also remove oxygen from our bottles that we have in stores during the bottling process as oxygen will start to oxidize the sensitive live food and raw pressed juices. Containers filled at the Farmer’s Market from our taps, will have a shorter shelf life because when poured directly from a tap oxygen is mixed with the brew, thus making oxidation a potential issue.  Of course you need to keep our kombucha refrigerated as it its a live food!


Nugget’s Raw tastes much better than other kombucha brands that I have tried, but how do I know it has the highest potency of pro-biotics and organic acids possible?

The health benefits of this drink are the reasons we make it. Of course we pride ourselves on crafting a very drinkable beverage, but we are also highly committed to a brewing process that, though labor and equipment  intensive, results in the highest potency possible. Our purposely small batches are nurtured and monitored daily , while our work with a major university’s  food science laboratory helps us know for sure the quality of the product we produce.  Achieving the perfect balance of taste and potency is the heart of our mission.


Is there alcohol in Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage, so there is inevitably going to be some amount of alcohol in it.  A Kombucha culture consists of yeast and bacteria.  Yeast tends to eat sugar for food and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide under the right conditions. There are also bacteria that will eat alcohol for their food.  This is where the term “SCOBY” comes from, Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast.  With proper care and attention this is also why the level of alcohol in Kombucha can be kept below 0.5% ABV, making it a NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage with only trace amounts of alcohol.


I’ve heard you should not drink a lot of kombucha at one time. How much is too much?

Everybody and every body is different.  There really is no ‘magic’ number of ounces per day that suits everyone out there.  Kombucha is something that your body may have to acclimate itself to if you’ve never had it.  Or maybe not, some people’s systems take to it immediately and begin be able to handle a fair amount every day.  We recommend being your own judge on this one.  If you’re unsure, try just drinking a few ounces at a time and spreading a bottle out over the course of a day.  Kombucha is a toxin-cleanser, so don’t over do it at first.  Once your body is used to it and wants it all the time, drink up!!  The important thing is to drink some amount everyday, the full benefits of Kombucha are not something that will happen overnight, it has to become a part of your daily diet in order to truly feel the difference in your everyday life.